2013 Honorarium donations made to Magness Library
                                       January  2013

Lauryn & Landri Chadwell                        10 books
by:  Elizabeth Chadwell

February 2013
Karen Ethridge
by:  Marcia Miles

Gus Little
by:  Jacque Little

Jacque Little
by:  Gus Little

Lauran Grace Cantrell
by: Pa & Nanny Webster

March 2013
Lauryn & Landri Chadwell
  By: Elizabeth Chadwell

April 2013
Brad Walker
  By: Richard Myers
July 2013

Dr. Wally & Pat Bigbee
  By: Emi & Windell Little

Jeremy Orrick
  By: Amy Orrick

October 2013

All Breast Cancer Survivors
By: Sherry Steakley

James W.R. White & Nell White Vanatta
  By: James Timothy & Ruth White

November 2013

Magness Library for Continued Service to Community
   By:  Mr. & Mrs. James A. Dillon

   By:  William Zechman

                                                December 2013

Glenn & Dee Hall
   By:  Tim Hall Family

Dr. Wally Bigbee for his birthday
   By:  Joe & Betty Troop

Pat & Wally Bigbee
   By: Cynthia Campen